100 Day Challenge: Step 1


Does anyone remember having a Live Journal?

For those that don’t know, Live Journal was an online forum that allowed you to have a public diary. Complete with emoticons describing your mood. Growing up I spent hours writing down my thoughts, likes and even detailing my 8th grade heartbreak (which at the time was quite devastating). It was through this process that I discovered my love of writing. I have taken that passion and crafted it for years but I had a realization between mile five and six on my evening run.

I write now for work.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do. Lately, I have been spending my time writing for a new outlet (Heroic Hollywood), which has been an incredible experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. But I realized that my writing could become stagnate. So it was in that moment that I challenged myself. My first challenge was to complete my run. Following that, I decided that for the next 100 days I would write something non-work related. It can be anything. It has to be original and honest.

You might be wondering why I would make this mission public…Don’t we just post everything about our lives on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Does anyone really care about my insights or feelings? Well, I’m not sure if anyone will care (and if you don’t…no hard feelings) but this way I can hold myself accountable and people that have been reading my work for years can get to know who I am behind the keyboard.

This is a step towards re-embracing my creativity. This is a step towards shedding fear.  This is my first step.




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