Day 2: ‘We Some Sorta Suicide Squad?’

It was almost a year ago that the first look at Warner Bros. Suicide Squad leaked onto the Internet from San Diego Comic Con. As I normally do, I was covering everything Comic-Con related and trying to beat other outlets to posting the epic teaser trailer. After the initial post, I spent a good five hours going through scene by scene and breaking down the trailer, in extreme detail. It was through this process that I became completely enthralled and enamored with supporting the “bad guys.”

I’m only 44 days away from seeing Squad and it’s become my most anticipated movie of the summer. Not only because I’m a major DC fan girl (and proud of that fact) but because this film will bring Harley Quinn to life on the big screen. Quinn is a completely complex yet crazy character and can hold her own amongst the bad boy villains within DC. From the first Comic-Con trailer it was clear that Margot Robbie was the perfect casting choice to bring this character back to live action.

I’m not shy about how much I love strong women in film or TV and I think with any luck, Robbie’s Harley Quinn will be added to my growing list of kick ass female characters. After all…aren’t we all a little crazy?

I have watched the trailers on repeat, covered the news leading up to Squad’s release and now I just patiently wait to see the movie and see DC characters in all of their glory (hopefully).

Haters be damned!

Which leads me to ask the question, what is your most anticipated movie of the summer?



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