Day 3: To Binge Or Not To Binge?

Upon competition of binge watching Orange is the New Black season four (which I wasn’t a fan of until the last few episodes), it got me thinking…what are the top five most worthy shows to binge watch? This list could have gone on and on but I figured five was a good starting place.

My brother likes to joke that I started binge watching before it was even cool. When I was younger, I got every season of Prison Break on DVD and sat in my basement and watched the entire series, with only a few breaks. I would later repeat this action while home recently over Christmas break while I was in the middle of getting caught up on Game of Thrones. That binge inspired my family to do the same in the coming months, now we are proud to call ourselves House Lewis.

I have a tendency to binge hard and power through seasons in only a few days, in the case of Netflix’s House of Cards I completed the second season in under 24 hours…but I enjoy watching television this way. It brings to life a story that can be told over multiple hours, allowing for rich character development, that is often lost within modern films.

So here are my top five recommendations for when you need to just chill out and embrace the binge watching. Let me know what you are watching!

5. The Path (Hulu) 

4. The West Wing 

3. Game of Thrones (HBO) 

2. Lost 

1.The Leftovers (HBO) 



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