Best Intentions

When I started to out on this my new creative journey I really wanted to write on a daily basis but as happens often, my best intentions went haywire.

Time isn’t as plentiful as I had hoped and life happened. Plans had to change. Instead, I will be writing as much as possible when I can.

This was a good reminder that failure isn’t necessary a bad thing. I completely failed when it came to this goal but failure can show us what we need to improve on. Failure shows how to change things in order to succeed the next time around. If you don’t fall on your face at least a few times, you just aren’t living.

I used to be extremely terrified of failing or letting anyone down (I’m still that way with deadlines but that is another story for another time). I always want to put out my best quality of work but sometimes “shit happens.” I was constantly worried about the fallout from failure and driven by anxiety. After a few times of very publicly failing at life and work, I decided to take it on the chin and start to embrace these mistakes. I wasn’t going to suddenly be perfectly, instead I decided to embrace the fall because they are just unavoidable sometimes. In coming to terms with my errors, I was able to pivot (Silicon Valley style) towards new ideas and directions, I was able to discover new parts of myself that if I hadn’t failed, I wouldn’t have explored.

In the end, I’ll keep writing and I hope you keep reading. My once-a-day goal might have been a little too high but lesson learned.


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