‘Arrival’ Anticipation Reaches Critical Heights

The 2016 summer blockbuster season was underwhelming (still not over Suicide Squad disappointment) but with the leaves changing colors and temperatures dropping, possible Oscar contender movies are on the horizon. In light of these films debuting, I will be highlighting a few of my most anticipated movies of the fall.

Without a doubt, one of my most anticipated is Arrival.

Arrival is being directed by Denis Villeneuve and features Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker.

Villeneuve is the mastermind behind Prisoners and Sicario (which was robbed of Oscar nominations). He has become known for telling incredibly smart stories, that leave audiences on the edge of their seats and sometimes in shock. Arrival looks like Villeneuve is taking that style and elevating it to a new level. From the trailers, Arrival appears to be a highly intellectual film, which will put the focus on the characters, instead of cheap thrills.

Amy Adams has already become a possibility for a Best Actress Nomination and it looks like every actor involved with this project is elevating their performances to rise to the level of intensity that is brought with the material. Arrival looks like a smart, subtle and intense sci-fi epic that is held together by intense character development.

Audiences have become fascinated once again with space. From the popularity of  The Martain to Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, space has become the final frontier when it comes to cinema and Arrival might be one more step towards that great beyond.



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