‘Wonder Woman’ Saves The Day & The DCEU (Review)

The following review may feature minor spoilers for Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman was first introduced in 1941 with an appearance in All-Star Comics #8, (DC Comics). 76 years have passed since that famous introduction and after all that time, Wonder Woman has finally received her silver screen debut.

Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot, and the rest of the cast and crew of Wonder Woman have made history. They brought to life the origin story of Wonder Woman in a way that is relatable, strong and powerful while also being understated. Jenkins has made an impressive superhero movie, not just a superhero movie girls.

Wonder Woman tells the story of Diana Prince, a girl who grew up on an all-female island of Themyscira. When Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crash-lands on the island, Prince is told of a war, World War I, that is ravishing humanity and killing thousands of innocents. Prince must come to terms with her own powers while discovering an entirely new world outside of Themyscira.

Wonder Woman features stand-out performances from Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, and director Patty Jenkins. Jenkins brought this world to life through incredible cinematography, colorful landscapes, and explosive action sequences. Gal Gadot carries the weight of this film while making her character relatable and passionate. She had the task of bringing Diana Prince to life through the physicality of the role and her character’s natural innocence. Gadot succeeds because her performance feels natural while being remaining strong.

Pine had the monumental task of being one of the few males cast in Wonder Woman and his role is key to the story. He gives an incredible performance while allowing Gadot to shine. He is her equal, never outshining her, instead, he enhances her character.

The decision to set Wonder Woman in the past, allowed this origin story to feel unique and not be weighed down by the previous films within the DC Cinematic Extended Universe. The pressure was on Wonder Woman and especially Patty Jenkins, after the shortcomings of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. Both entries into the DCEU, fell short with critics and received mixed reviews from fans. These films had grand action set pieces and countless visual effects but when it came to the characters and emotions, the connection was lost. The DCEU has begun much-needed course correcting actions with Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman returns this cinematic universe back to its core. It focuses on the characters while not losing the intensity and action that major fight sequences and set pieces bring.

For those who are writing that the proverbial “glass ceiling” is still in tack after the release of Wonder Woman, I ask you to look up once again. When it comes to the “glass ceiling” surrounding comic book movies and female superheroes, Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot crashed through it and continued soaring. Wonder Woman has shown that the world is ready for a female superhero to save the day. Audiences are standing up and cheering for it.


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