Baby Driver

Edgar Wright Goes Full Throttle For ‘Baby Driver’

Hollywood has a reboot, re-imagining, reset problem. Audiences have started to complain that the movie industry has run out of original ideas. Cinema has become an endless loop of comic book movies with flat villains. Leave it to Edgar Wright (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Shaun of the Dead) to deliver an original idea, that fires on all cylinders.

On the surface, Baby Driver appears to be a high-octane car racing film. Wright builds off of that concept while adding in unique characters, comedic writing, and breath-taking cinematography. Ansel Elgort, Jamie Foxx, Kevin Spacey, Jon Hamm and Lily James star in Driver.

Elgort is a newcomer in Hollywood but proves that he is one to watch. Baby is an astoundingly reliable getaway driver for an organized crime boss, played by Kevin Spacey. Baby spends the majority of the film trying to escape this life that he has become trapped within. Elgort brings complexity to this character and allows the audiences to invest into Baby’s story personally.

While Elgort leads the film, the supporting cast is phenomenal. Jon Hamm turns in a performance that is one of his best on film, but it’s Kevin Spacey that steals the show. Spacey delivers a subtle, concentrated, yet hilarious performance. His character, Doc, feels like a blend between Keyser Soze and Lester Burnham.

Baby Driver isn’t a “classic” Wright film, it features a lot of his recognizable cinematic style, but this feels more modern, crisp and action-driven. Wright takes risks with this movie, from the practical driving effects to anchoring the story in a traditional love story, he isn’t afraid to swing for the fences. If you’re a Wright fan or new to his catalog, Baby Driver is an excellent entry point into the brilliant cinematic mind of Wright.

The cinematography in this film tells a story with how every shot is framed, the acting is outstanding, the writing is witty, but the best element in Baby Driver is the soundtrack. Without the soundtrack, this movie falls apart. The music is bold, it moves the story along and provides another avenue for audiences members to become invested in this world. Wright has blended some different artistic mediums to bring his cinematic vision to life. Without a doubt, fans will walk out of the film humming their favorite track.

Edgar Wright was originally set to direct Marvel’s Ant-Man (2015), after parting ways with the project, Baby Driver started. Wright took the road less traveled and created an original, fun, and bold movie. For audiences that continue to complain about Hollywood’s reboot, re-imagining problem, give Baby Driver a chance. Instead of complaining about the lack of original ideas on social media, speak with your box office dollars.


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