WTF: The DC Extended Universe 2.0

The DC Extended Universe (DCEU) has been an extremely violate roller coaster ride of emotions, from the highest of highs with Wonder Woman to the “Martha” moment; it hasn’t been easy for diehard DC fans. Things appeared to be moving in a positive direction with the success of Wonder Woman and response to Justice League promotional materials, until this week. News broke that not only changes the current course of the DCEU but appears to be a new ride altogether.

Let’s recap the news. Martin Scorsese will be producing an origin-Joker film that takes place outside of the DCEU with directorTodd Phillips at the helm.  Suicide Squad 2 is being fast tracked. A new Joker and Harley Quinn movie, taking place within the DCEU. Gotham City Sirens is still in development. Finally, director Matt Reeves admitted that his solo Batman project would be a standalone film, not a part of the DCEU but he later elaborated on his statement via Twitter.

Typically, studios will have many projects in development and ideas being floated around. It’s not often that all of those ideas are told to the general movie going public. All of this news is breaking before Justice League is released. This should be the time when new promotional materials would be released for Justice League; instead, the floodgates have been opened when it comes to DC news. Typically, studios will have many projects in development, but those ideas aren’t made public.

With so much news breaking, rumors circulating, and the Internet almost exploding, I’ve consolidated my thoughts into five easy steps for DC/Warner Bros. moving forward.


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