Fall 2017 Box Office Predictions: Can ‘IT’ Save The Box Office?

The 2017 summer box office has been second-rate; the returns have reached record industry lows. As a result of these disappointing numbers, industry experts are looking towards the fall movie season for hope. This fall season is prime to revitalized box office returns and feature financial success stories.

September Box Office

Andy Muschietti’s IT will be released on September 8th and boldly kicks off the fall movie season. IT has broken records before its release with online trailers views and the positive buzz for this terrifying feature is only increasing. The only other mainstream release that IT has to face is Mother! (September 16th). Mother! is likely to do well in the indie scene but isn’t likely to break out amongst mainstream audiences. Smaller releases leave more room for IT to earn big. Muschietti’s adaptation is a property that is popular amongst many different movie-going demographics, after all, who isn’t terrified of clowns?

This movie has the chance to reach audiences much like Get Out did, despite its horror genre classification. The biggest competition facing IT will be Kingsman: The Secret Circle on September 22nd, which has high box office earning potential.

For those who are looking to avoid creepy clowns, September also features the family-friendly Lego Ninjago Movie. The cinematic LEGO brand equals box office gold.

September Box Office Predictions

Box Office Winner for September: Kingsman: The Secret Circle
Breakout Opportunity: Andy Muschietti’s IT


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