‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ Review

The following contains minor spoilers for Kingsman: The Golden Circle. 

2014 brought Kingsman: The Secret Service to cinemas and instantly became a breakout hit financially, with fans, and for director Matthew Vaughn. Vaughn was able to mock spy franchises while revitalizing the genre with flawless action sequences, character development, and heart. Vaughn and most of the cast returns for Kingsman: The Golden Circle but the original fun from the first film cannot be recaptured. despite that, The Golden Circle is a fun time in cinemas. 

Vaughn creates action sequences that are meant to be seen on the big screen. From the opening scene on, the action accelerates but the storylines and plot devices feel contrived. Taron Egerton delivers another memorable performance as Eggsy and a favorite cast member returns (even if through a soap opera trope).

The trailers and marketing for The Golden Circle put the Kingsman counterparts, The Statesman, front, and center, mostly Channing Tatum. Including the Statesman allows for the Kingsman world to expand and develop, as a sequel should but Tatum only has a few key scenes within the film. He isn’t the major player that the marketing would have you believe.

Casting Julianne Moore as the main villain was a bold and exciting choice for this sequel. Having a female opponent going up against the Kingsman brought in a new element of excitement to this series but unfortunately, Moore plays a caricature of a menacing villain. Her role and character choices feel over-the-top and unnecessary.

What might catch audiences by surprise is just how political and on the nose The Golden Circle becomes. Going to the movies provide a sense of comfort and escapism. One of the main through lines might feel too real and at times terrifying within our highly politically charged world.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle delivers on action sequences while bringing back many elements that made the first Kingsman a hit but falls short of capturing that original magic.

What did you think of Kingsman: The Golden Circle? Comment below or tweet @lewischelsea21! Let’s talk all things Kingsman.


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