Stand Up For Your Fandom; My ‘Star Wars’ Experience

Tonight was an amazing day for Star Wars fans. We got a brand new trailer (FULL of scenes that I will be analyzing for days) and tickets went on sale for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It’s clear if you follow me on social media or know me personally, that Star Wars is a part of my DNA. It always will be.

Tonight, I was watching the trailer with friends post a social league soccer game, we play every Monday night, after the game we socialize and enjoy some beers. My team understood my excitement leading up to the trailer, but one individual on an opposing team made it a point to make fun of me. It also happened to be a theme week, so I was wearing a full Indiana Jones cosplay (which he also made fun of not once but twice). This person deliberately tries to change my mood from happiness and excitement to feeling embarrassed that I was so passionate about this film.

These actions caught me off guard at first, I thought in 2017 I lived in an age when cosplaying, comic book movies and Star Wars had become synonyms with pop culture, but alas, everyone is entitled to their opinions. I brushed it off, thoroughly enjoyed the trailer and secured tickets to opening night for The Last Jedi.

I’ve been made fun of a lot growing up for being different, so this individual was nothing new but this incident reminded me of something. Being passionate about something, that’s important. That’s a feeling that shouldn’t be disrespected. Instead of making fun of someone, why not ask them why it’s this one thing has so much meaning to them. Build a bridge. Engage in a conversation and learn something new, instead of making someone feel less than. Everyone likes different things but if we forget to respect that, everything becomes one negative Reddit thread in real life.

To all of my fellow nerds, we should be proud of our passions and never apologize for it.

Let’s all re-watch that Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer once again and celebrate being Star Wars fans. To the person who tried to rain on my parade, here is an umbrella, come join in on the fun.



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